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Business - Need for Rubber Stamp - 8:19 AM, 4/30/2007

Rubber stamps still making its impact in the Corporate World. In the age of email and digital signatures, one might think that the rubber stamp would be an obsolete thing of the past only used by bureaucrats wearing arm protection.


Color stamps though eye-catchy can become ineffective if it were to appear ink smashed when it appears on a black & white mode or if the information were to be faxed. It is always ideal, that a draft version of the stamp be made in black & white mode before it will be approved for the color version.


Rubber stamps are mechanical devices used to imprint date on large bunches of documents, like notices calling meetings, stock certificates dispatch, or acknowledgement of receipt of tax filings. Any document with a rubber stamp on it carries a legal value if there arises a dispute between the parties involved with the document. Each organisation has stipulated procedure for stamping the documents for all its inward and outward movement.


Rubber date stamps are inexpensive and can be used to represent dates in multiple formats, i.e., year, month, and date format, month, year and date format, or year, date and month format. They can also be used with different color inks depending on requirements. Terms like "Confidential","Copy","Draft","Sealed" etc. are some of the words that the seal carries. These words help in organizing the documents more efficiently.


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Business - Need for Letterheads - 7:33 AM, 4/30/2007

Letterhead is a stationary system that is used by professional or business organizations. It flaunts the name, logo and address of the company at the top. The letterhead that you use for your business will affect the image that others form about your company.


It is important that the design you create for your letterhead reflects the image you want it conveyed. Your letterhead will not only provide the customer with your name and address but will also create an image about the quality of your products or services.


Originality is the main factor of a good and lasting logo. Each letterhead needs to reflect the personality of the company to create the proper image. A letterhead designed for a company that sells groceries should be different from a letterhead designed for a law office.  


Many business owners consider letterheads are of no use today, since most of the work is done via fax or electronically. However, without a formal representation of the company in its business communications, a company has all the chances of loosing a prospective client.   In order to portray the entity as a professional one, you need to use the best products. This includes sending correspondence on good letterhead papers, with matching envelopes if possible.


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Biznesshut - For all your business needs

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